Luna Sandals ATS Lacing Review

I planned on doing a review of the Luna ATS Sandals to use during backpacking trips.  Shortly after receiving my pair in the mail; to my dismay.  I was informed via Facebook and Newsletter that they were no longer offering the ATS Sole package as the Leadville.  They would however still be offering the ATS Lacing system on various sandal models; so not all was lost.  In this review I will be primarily focusing on the ATS Lacing, Leadville sole pattern and not the MGT foot-bed.

Did you know?Luna has launched new hiking sandals for 2017!

8" of Fresh Snow

  What I was looking for as a User:

  • Breathable option to VFF
  • Protection vs Skin to Ground Bare
  • Camp Footwear
  • Post Trail Footwear
  • Everyday in Urban Environment

  Above is my expectations of a piece of footwear I was looking to add to my hiking arsenal.
What I got is much more.  I love Huaraches so much now that I plan on investing in two more pair; for a total of four.  Nothing lets the feet breathe out better than having no material around your foot at all.

Ozette Coastal Boardwalk  
Urban Toe Sock 

Day Hike Creek Crossing

  Laces:  At first glance you notice that the designer incorporated three sections of material.  One of them being  elasticized  leather on the heal section.  It took me a little bit of time adjusting the whole system to get the proper fit.  I also experienced some irritation by the third material they used next to the big toe; when my skin would be completely saturated with water.  I personally would like to see another design or material used for this little over an inch section.
  They also covered all the connecting seams with some sort of shrink plastic-like material.  I have had to remelt a few of these with a lighter that loosened with wear and tear.
  Tough and durable design though I have not had any real issues.  They are very easy to slip on and off.  They also collapse easy to stick in a side pocket of my backpack.

Tread Pattern:  The company calls it the Leadville.  I call it the best tread design ever created for the feet.  I have personally had this on every surface one would come across backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.  It handles ice, snow, heavy slush, mud, sand, slimy rock and dirt perfectly.  I've experienced zero 'tread clog' on all these surfaces.  Have not experienced any punctures or wear n tear on the rubber as well.

Buspacking Kalaloch in a Storm

48 Hour Rain Storm in the Elwha Valley

'Living the Dream Sunset' on the Coast

Pre Sunrise 'Coffee in Hand Stroll' on the Coast


  • Tough
  • Slides On and Off with ease 
  • Consistent Snug Fit
  • Tank like Tread Pattern


  • +1" of Lacing Material (read above)
  • Weight ( I would like to see these available in an Ultra Light Package )
  • Pebbles ( I have an issue of small little Rock slipping in under my High Arch )

  I'm excited to see what future designs Luna has to the timeless design on the huarache sandals.    I have suggested huaraches to anyone that has asked me about them and will continue to use these almost everyday.  I seasonally plan on investing in two more models myself as look for a more lightweight hiker and camp footwear.  

As soon as I get the issue of the skin irritation when my feet are wet.  I plan on longer backpacking trips Olympic National Park.  

Cape Alava Sunset

Update: Luna Sandals no longer makes the ATS model.

Thanks for reading - Barefoot Jake