Upper Dungeness Winter Trail Run

  So when I asked a friend if he would like to get some trail miles on the legs.  He was cautious to accept, but willing for adventure.  Indeed he would get his wish and a little more.  He isn't a fan of running on snow, it was late winter; so there was bound to be some. I assured him that we would not be running in snow the whole time. We checked the weather forecast and then headed out the door.

dungeness trail
Photo by Bruce B.

  Conditions were about 2 inches of ice running for 11 miles, with 3' snow drifts in the meadows.
In the forest, there were pine needles underneath all that ice; which made for slippery going.

heather creek trail

heather creek
Little Snow and Ice under my Seeya's

  Ice running is the best way to check your posture and form (at your own risk).  If you don't keep a tall and balanced posture with your feet under your hips; you fall.  This philosophy of minimalist running training works the best for me. Gives the runner instant feedback on what he or she is doing wrong.

dungeness river
Photo by Bruce B.

upper dungeness trail

upper dungeness trail
Trying to break free of Winters Grip

  I have not had this much fun trail running in a long time.  Lots of snow drifts, ice, cold creek crossings, mountain views and frozen moss.  Its a rare thing to travel that many miles in a ice forest like that, while everything is still so green.  Loved it.

heather creek trail
Old Avalanche Path

Ultimate Winter Vibram Showdown:  Seeya vs KSO Treksport
To me the Vibram Seeya will take the win for how it handles water Drainage and the lightweight factors.  I felt like I was running through the forest wearing nothing but socks.   The Treksport sole did however handle the side-hill sections better, probably because there is more surface area touching the ice.  Vibram needs to make a hybrid version of the two and they can be an ultimate trail runner.

Updated May 2015