Across Olympic Peninsula

This trip has a special place in my heart and I would defiantly say it was a spiritual experience.  With harshness such as dehydration (the first two days), sore feet (to much weight in pack), bugs and longest I have ever spent alone.  It was also the farthest I've ever walked in one trip and of coarse did it all in minimalist footwear.

  I have already covered over my story.  Looking back at the photography, I thought it would be a shame not to share it all.  Having down time this winter, I decided to edit them all (try not to get overloaded). They will all also have captions to kinda explain where I am.  Enjoy!

obstruction trail
My first views (day 1)

maiden peak
Approaching Maiden Peak (day 1)

backpack olympic national park
Mt. Johnson & Clark from Obstruction (day 1)
hike olympic national park
Treksports with Mt. Olympus behind (day 1)

pacific northwest trail
Walking across Obstruction (day 1)

grand valley
Grand Valley on the right from Obstruction (day 1)

obstruction ridge
toward Hurricane Ridge with the Strait on the right (day 1)
obstruction trail
Lots of Rock on Obstruction (day 1)
obstruction trail
Lillian Ridge with Mt. Olympus behind (day 1)

pacific northwest trail
Elk Mountain (day 1)

obstruction trailhead
Like walking on the Moon (day 1)

grand valley trail
First water in 5 hours (day 1)

moose lake ranger
Moose Lake Ranger Station (day 1) 

grand valley backpack
Wildflowers in Grand Valley (day 1)

grand valley backpacking
Me headed to Grand Pass (day 1)

grand pass trail
Ascending Grand Pass (day 1)
grand pass trail
Little Snow on Grand Pass (day 1)

grand pass
More Snow approaching Grand Pass (day 1)

olympic mountain goat
Mountain Goats toward Grand Peak (day 1)
grand view peak
What's left of the Lillian Glacier (day 1)
olympic bivy
Bivy Camp on Grand Peak with Cameron Basin behind (day 1)

Grand Pass
Cameron Basin's left to right (day 1) 

grand peak olympic
Sun drops behind the Olympics from Grand Peak (day 1)

Day 2:

grand pass olympic national park
Sun is up. Time to drop down toward the Cameron (day 2)

cameron basin
Lower Cameron (day 2)

cameron basin
Lower Cameron Creek (day 2)
cameron basin
Snow Cave in Cameron Creek (day 2)
cameron pass
Off Cameron Pass in Lost Basin (day 1)
lost peak olympic
down to Lost Basin guarded by that Peak (day 1)

lost peak olympic
Lost Peak (day 2)

Day 3:

hayden pass trail
Dose Basin (day 3)
hayden pass trial
Lonely tree in Dose Basin (day 3)

hayden pass trail
Up that Snow Field is Hayden Pass (day 3)

pacific northwest trail
facing Sentinel Peak (day 3)

pacific northwest trail
back toward Lost Peak (day 3)

hayden pass trial
up Hayden facing Sentinel Peak (day 3)
hayden pass snow
Sentinel Peak. I ascended up this Snow Field (day 3)
hayden pass olympic national park
Hayden Pass 5,847' from nowhere (day 3)
sentinel sister
Wildflowers & Sentinels Sisters (day 3)

pacific northwest trail
more Wildflowers (day 3)
pacific northwest trail
Wildflowers, Sentinels Sisters and Mt. Anderson with Eel Glacier (day 3)

pacific northwest trail
facing Mt. Olympus down to the Hayes & Elwha Valley's (day 3)

 Day 4:

low divide
Lake Mary with Mt. Seattle peaking (day 4)

lake mary olympic
a glowing Lake Mary (day 4)

Lake Margaret
Lake Margaret with Mt. Seattle behind (day 4)

martins park trail
Martins Park Primitive Trail (day 4)

martins park backpack
Climbing up the 'Trail' (day 4)

olympic wilderness waterfall
Small falls in cavern (day 4)

Mount Christie
Basin below Mt. Christie (day 4)

Christie Creek
must Ford Christie Creek (day 4)
martins park trail
Mt. Christie showing a peak (day 4)
mount christie
Falls off Mt. Christie (day 4)

mount christie olympic
showing more of Mt. Christie (day 4)

lake mount christie
Martins Lake with Mt. Christie (day 4)

martins park
Martins Lake with Mt. Seattle, Noyes and Queets (day 4)

backpack martins park
Me from Martins. Christie behind me.  Basin below pictured above (day 4)

backpack Olympic mountains
down angle from Martins Lake (day 4)

martins lakes
Martins Lake (day 4)

Day 5:

low divide skyline
Intersection to Skyline Primitive Trail (day 5)

mount seattle
One of the Fall off Mt. Seattle (day 5)
north fork quinault trial
Field of Wildflowers leaving the Low Divide (day 5)

north fork quinault trial
'16 Mile Ford' of the Quinault (day 5)

north fork quinault trial
One of the 1,000's of Streams I crossed on my Journey (day 5)

north fork quinault trialhead
67 miles in the books.  Reached Quinault and Hitched to PA (day 5)

  I hope you enjoyed the photography.
Featured Footwear - Vibram Fivefingers

All photography with the Gopro Hero.

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