Rain Forest and Beach

I had a friend visiting from out of town that shares the love for the outdoors. Decided the best option would be a day adventure, since the weather forecast was scheduled to be poor. We would visit the Hoh Rainforest and then Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park.

hoh rain forest
Hoh Maple

  The Hoh River Trail leads to Mount Olympus and follows the river valley pretty much the whole journey.  Endless massive trees, greenest moss, mud, flowing water and is one of my favorites to barefoot.  The trail is mostly made up of soft mud, pine needles and roots.

hoh rain gear
Slimy trail under my waterproof poncho

hoh rain forest trail

hoh rain forest hike

hoh rain forest trail

  I have been in this rain forest many times the last few years and it amazes me on how much water is involved to keep everything so green.  A certain section comes to mind where the whole section of valley floor turned into a creek flowing threw trees and over ferns.

hoh rain forest

hoh rain forest winter

  Our journey in the valley ended at Tom's Creek, where I feel that there is not much to see after that, but more of the same.  Enjoying a hillside of ferns with waterfalls that dump almost straight into the Hoh River.

hoh river

hoh creek

hoh waterfall

 The highlight of the day also included seeing spawned salmon swimming up streams that were no more than a few feet wide.  That was the only wildlife we seen all day besides for a elk on the drive out.

hoh rain forest salmon

Second half of the Adventure consisted of some exploring of the coastline.   Rialto Beach to be exact, where I just spent some time a few weeks before.  I suggest checking it out since it was Forecasted for 22' swells and stormy surf.

rialto beach
Rialto Beach Log

  It was quite invigorating to listen to the massive waves come in and feel ever rock under my feet.  Walking in minimalist footwear is like getting a massage all day on the bottoms of your feet.  Putting pressure and stretching your feet around the Round types of Rocks feels the best.

washington coast beach

rialto hike

rialto beach

  Once we got toward 'Hole in the Wall' the tide was mostly out.  We spend some time exploring the massive sea stacks and peaking into tidal pools were small fish and hermit crab were hiding.  It made waiting for the sun to go down quite enjoyable.

hole in the wall hike

hike hole in the wall
Sun goes down at Rialto

  On the way returning down the beach we enjoyed the clash of sunset vs storm clouds; as the rain and wind pelted our backs.  A perfect end to the rain forest to coast adventure.

hiking rialto beach
Sunset Walk

hiking rialto beach
Sunset Reflections at Rialto Beach

Gear Featured

Overall this was a fine adventure to do in winter months. Even tho snow is falling in the mountains, there is still year around exploring to be done at lower elevations on the Olympic Peninsula.

Updated on April 2015