Run the Grey Wolf Trail

Time to get active! Jumped out of the sailboat a few hours before sunrise. Then a pre-daylight bike ride into town to catch the bus to Sequim. After a short bus ride, ended up getting off at the wrong stop and had to walk a little under a mile were I was meeting my friends, and then head up into the mountains.

I will add that walking down Highway 101 is way more dangerous than a wilderness trek. Walking along the highway was not safe at all!

slab camp trial

  After arriving at the trailhead, we begun our run descent down to the Grey Wolf valley floor; which was covering with just under an inch of snow. The trail surface consisted of frozen pine needles and sections of snow dustings. Such perfect conditions for winter running. I am very addicted to running in snow with Vibram Five Fingers. I love feeling the cold ground under my feet. What better way to be more aware of ones surroundings? It is a spiritual feeling for me.

slab camp trial

 The weapon of the day, my KSO Treksports that I've used over 1,000 Trail Miles in the Olympic National Park. They have lots of holes in them and a few toes that hang out, but the soles are still functional. There is a bonding that we have that cant be replaced by just purchasing a new pair. The Trek sole works well in multi surface environments and are semi breathable. I would prefer if the uppers where made out of a different material tho. Something that breathed better when in different climates and environments. I am hoping the new SeeYa upper will fix this issue. Getting your feet aired out and the surface of your skin dry as fast as possible is very important. They should stop building these heavier, thicker uppers to provide protection. That just counters the whole barefoot aspect and I predict that change that will happen in the design in the next 2 years.

vibram fivefingers snow

   After a few mile descent we came to a area were there were multiple campsites. A short distance from there there was a fancy bridge to cross the Grey Wolf River. The valley floor was wet and cool since it was below the current snowline.

grey wolf trail

  Once we crossed the river, the trail rose away from the bottom and headed through a few mile section of side hill.  This section I found quite enjoyable.  It let you get gimps up the valley of various peak landmarks and frosted tree tops.

grey wolf trail

grey wolf trail

  Since we had a turn around time.  We stopped at the Olympic National Park boundary sign and turned around for the sake of not being back by dark.

run grey wolf

  After ascending from the Grey Wolf valley floor to over 2,600' to the trailhead.  My legs started to show signs of fatigue the last mile, but the pain was a good feeling.

slab camp olympic

I rode my bike 3 more times that night and was in bed by 9pm sleeping like a Baby.

The camera I used to shoot this photography.

Updated April 2015 - Thanks for reading!