Hurricane Hill Road Winter

  I was itching to try another Snowshoe Binding.  Since earlier this week I had issue with my toes getting crammed into a plastic type binding.  I'm on the hunt to find a comfortable fit for my foot so that I can do greater distances this winter.  So I thought I would try out more of a rubber strap binding.

minimal footwear snowshoe

  A few days ago I noticed a small group getting together and going back up to Hurricane Ridge.  I was jumping at the chance to get back outdoors and try these Snowshoes.  The weather was forecasted to be warm for a December day and Sunny.  My body was in desperate need for some Sun.

hurricane ridge group snowshoe

  Route consisted of a road that is open in the Summer and closed in the Winter when the snow begins to fall.  Once you reach the summer time parking lot.  You mostly follow the ridge all the way over to Hurricane Hill where there is views deeper into the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

snowshoe hurricane hill

snowshoe hurricane hill

  Along the route there was old dead trees sticking out of the snow, which was my favorite part of the day.  I also enjoyed looking down the Elwha Valley and into the Bailey Range again.  Its like a kid when he sees a playground.  The first thing he thinks about is going to play.

snowshoe hurricane hill

Overview/Disclaimer:  The rubber type bindings were a lot more comfortably, but still not a cozy as i would like.  Im going to try one more model.  If that dont work, I just may have to make my own.  Again, walking on snow for hours shouldnt be attempted in Vibram Five Fingers until you have built a tolerance up with your feet.  Keeping your core temperature up is key.