Biking Hot Springs Road

  This winter has been inactive for me compared to the rest of the year I've had.   So I felt the need to put some elevation in my life.  Another bike, hike and bus trip should do the trick to break the cabin fever.

 I chose the Elwha Valley, because it is such a close trip for the town of Port Angeles.  It has been the trip of choice for a lot of my adventure this year.

  I jumped on the 7am Forks Bus with my bike; on a chilly winter Day.  After a short bus ride I had the driver drop me off on Highway 101; where the road heads up the Elwha.  It was a chilly damp bike ride with temperature below freezing; judging by all  the frozen mud puddles along the road.  It was a wonderful pre-sunrise bike ride tho, because the moon was so bright it illuminated the whole valley.

elwha moon

  I've traveled this trail may times.  So much in fact feeling like I can close my eyes and walk it.  The body never gets acclimated some of the steep grades toward the top section.  Legs feel it the next day every time.  That is the main reason so often choose this trail.  I also like how the forest floor changes as you ascend.  Going through all the different stages as you change elevation.

lake mills

  I planned on there being more snow on my way up the mountain; judging by the north facing amounts that I could view from town.  I planned on venturing further on the ridge, but did not feel like bushwhacking over all the blow down debris.  So I traversed across a rock spin looking ridge line until I found a nice little place to have lunch with a view.

griff peak

  Descending was a breeze and I even greeted a few local day hikers on the way down.  Once back on the valley floor I enjoyed a little sun and a cup of hot tea.  The bike ride was mostly a downhill grade so not much peddling was required, but that did make it even more chilly tho.

hot springs road

Overview:  It was a good day.  Seems rare to have such good weather in December.  Good training on my legs and good to clear the mind.  

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