Cape Flattery Trail

  I got invited to join a few of my clients on there Family Adventure to the most Northwest Point on the mainland US of A Cape Flattery.    I rarely pass up a chance to be Outdoors, so of coarse I accepted.  Its quite the long travel trip even from Port Angeles.  The trip is worth the venture tho, because Neah Bay has a feel of going back in time.

minimalist hiking footwear

    The trail is a shorty and I would say it is Family approved.  goes along a series of gravel trail, roots, boardwalk and rock hopping through the muddy parts.  Really felt good to stretch the feet on all those different surfaces.

hike cape flattery

  Spend a little bit of time on the 'lookout deck' that was build as viewpoint to keep people away from the actual bluff.  I would say that the Bluff doesnt look in no way safe to go near.
  While taking in the view the group had a short little interview by a New York Times reporter that was there doing a story.  Our group wearing so many Vibram Five Fingers caught his attention.  Guess we will have to wait and see if we are going to be 'famous'.

hike cape flattery

Footwear, Camera and Hiking Guide.

Overview:  Overall the trip was good.  We didn't end up getting Rained on to much in the window we were on the Trail.  I also mapped out how to Buspack with Bike the area, so that i can get into Shi Shi / Point of Arches Beaches.  I will be doing that Adventure in the next few weeks using the Bus System.