Lake Crescent Trail Walking

I am blessed enough to jump on a bus to Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. Why do I go into the Park so much?  The wilderness area is one of the last places in the world, that lets a hiker go back in time, to when things were simpler.

  During the winter, the Lake Crescent Lodge is closed.  This is my perfect time to enjoy the lake.  One can often have the whole area to enjoy all by yourself.  

lake crescent hike

The sole purpose of this adventure was for a time of self reflection. This was a low stress trip, not to worry about mileage, climbing peaks, high mountain passes, setting up camp before dark or preparation. This kind of day hike allows you to enjoy Olympic, in a simple kind of way.

 To prepare, I literally threw a few things in my urban pack, then I was off for the day. The first part of the evening I spend wondering the lower parts of the Barnes Creek Trail; taking photos and looking at what was left of soggy fall colors. Most autumn leaves have fallen and have died. The forest prepared for winter.

lake crescent hike

  A few hours spent wandering the woods.  I decided to head to a little spot right on the lake front.  Being a cold fall day, I decided to make some tea.  I pulled my minimalist cooking stove out of my pack and started to boil some water.

lake crescent picnic

Lake crescent tea

lake crescent tea
'Your intuition is your best Friend'

  While sipping tea and reflecting on my weak.  I enjoyed watching little birds dive for food into the lake and fish jump for bugs.  There was also a small family of ducks in the area, that come over to say hi.

lake crescent duck

lake crescent duck

After enjoying the birds, I set off back to the bus stop on Highway 101 to catch a ride back to Port Angeles.  I used my headlamp to flag down the bus, since it was already after day by this time.

lake crescent twilight

I used the Olympic Hiking Guidebooks to plan this adventure and many more on the Olympic Peninsula.

Updated on April 2015