Old Urban Kit

You often see lots of gear lists of what hikers use to get by when there in the wild, but you rarely see Urban Gear Lists. Any of you that know me personally, know that I haven't drove a car since New Years and I plan on making it 1 year. Most of my Travels are done on foot, bike or Transit System.
So here is my list that I use daily to survive the Hazards of the Urban Environment:


*bottom moving right, to top right

Cheap Laptop: I pretty much take this every where since I'm a nerd. I can jump online at a Coffee Shop,Home or Business and stay connected. I also can use my Droid to 'Tether' any where i get cell service and have full internet at any time. *Droid not pictured

Starbuck VIA: God knows it's a life or death emergency when you need a coffee fix. I prefer it hot, but have been known to dump it in my Ice Water for a cool treat.

Droid USB Charger: Can be used as a wall charger, USB connection for pictures and Connection for Solar Charger

Eye Protection and Lip Balm: Got to stay protected from the sun.

Osprey Flapjack Courier: Provides enough room for all my stuff and a lot of times Grocery's. I personally like all the pockets and strapping system when riding my bike.

Brunton USB Solar Charger: Works out great for charging MP3 player, cell or SPOT Connect. Which I need to send out Satellite Text Messages with the SPOT service. Got to keep family, friends and loved ones from worrying to much about you when your alone in the Back Country.

Outerwear: Since this is Washington State and it can rain at any minute. I always keep a Hard Shell, Base Layer, Beanie and Gloves in my bag at all times. *also keep a Poncho, but its not listed in picture