Lillian Ridge Traverse

  A friend and I wanted to go on a quick adventure near Port Angeles.  After some thought, I decide to go on a off trail traverse route in the Olympic Mountains.  Wanted to do this route for some time, we had the weather window, so why not go for it.

moose bm
'Spine' section looking over to Moose BM

  The route consisted of venturing on the Lillian Ridge Trail.   Then we would continue across Lillian Ridge as a traverse route.  After descending off the Spine section, we would climb a steep snowfield, which lead up to the summit of Moose Mountain elevation 6,573' and continue along the ridge tops, until we found a safe entrance into Grand Valley.  After dropping into Grand, we would continue past Gladys and Moose Lake.  Have some lunch at the lake, then venture back to the car in a sort of a triangle route.  There is no water in the high country, unless we wanted to melt snow.

moose bm
Walking out Lillian Ridge

lillian ridge
Little Traversing

  The first section of trail isnt bad at all.   Just rolling ridgeline and views on both sides as far as the eye can see.  Venturing off trail is fun, doing some light scrambling across ridgeline.  The little nasty part is the 'Spine' section which is slippery and lots of loose scree.   Right after that was a 800' ascent on a snowfield up to the ridgeline once again.

lillian ridge
Around this Rock

lillian ridge
Down this Chute 

moose basin
Up this Snowfield 

  After a snack on the ridge after the snowfield, we began a gradual ascent to the summit of Moose BM.

moose bm
Enjoy the View

moose mountain
Top of Moose BM

  Descending involved some light route finding, as we walked through steep rock formations.  It was kinda cool crossing them, because of the textures and shapes.   We did not go all the way to Grand Pass this day, because lack of energy.   Being in direct sun and wind all day, really sucks the life out of you when you're from Washington State.

grand valley
Grand Valley to Pass

lillian ridge
Cool section

   In my opinion the upper section is the best part of Grand Valley.   Lots of little streams and small waterfalls.   I also enjoy seeing the transition zone of snow to dry land.  Flowers, Marmots and Bugs were out everywhere.   Lunch at Moose Lake was tasty.   The bugs were thick there, so we did not stay long.

obstruction trailhead
Walking out

minimalist olympic

Overall:  It was a suspenseful trip. Route finding, scrambling, snowfields, summits, wind, sun and man eating bugs.