Pyramid Peak Trail by Bus

Because it beats the hell out of going to the gym and I get super bored just sitting around town when i have down time. I thought I was due to go on a little adventure to get some elevation on my legs and work on my posture. Started off a 'warm' Washington overcast day and later turned into a Rain Forest like storm.

bike bus

camp david jr.

My mission was to Bus out to Lake Crescent, Bike to the Trail Head and then Hike to Pyramid Peak. It would kill my afternoon and give me some nice trail think time. Hike went smooth, ended up only seeing 2 people. It is a very popular trail in the summer and ive personally done it prolly 12 times myself. The ceiling dropped and i had no views from the top. All clouded in and it began to rain on me all the way back to Port Angeles.

pyramid peak trail

Did see some Trek Sport toe prints at the top. Seems VFF's are getting to be a very popular item these days.

pyramid peak trail

Overall it was a good adventure and the rain didnt even ruin it. I like to think I'm usto all the weather patterns since I've been Outdoor so much this year :-)