Above Port Angeles

We did not want to go out to the bars in Port Angeles, like most people our age. So we set off up the Heather Park Trail at 9pm. The destination give you a fine view of the Strait of Juan De Fuca and surrounding area.

This trail is challenging because of the elevation change. It climbs a few thousand feet, before leveling off near Heather Pass. We did the hike with headlamps. The last 1,000' elevation was snow covered, which is tricky at night. Land navigation in the snow in the dark can be challenging, if you do not know where you're going. We got a little sidetracked a few times, but quickly re-found route.

After getting to camp and setting up the tents. Was not until 1am that night before we ended up getting into out sleeping bags.

snow trail

above port angeles

The next morning was a mostly sunny day and ate breakfast in the rocks above everything. It was a nice morning to be in the Olympic Mountains. Spent over an hour up on the high point eating and enjoying the views. It is very beautiful at that place in the rocks. A hiker literally has a 360 degree view of breathtaking views.

Coming down the snow in the daylight hours was a lot easier, since you could see where you were going and the snow surface softer.  Stumble on fresh mountain goat tracks on the way off the mountain, but did not see any goats.

The rest of the walk is just a long descent, using dozens of switchbacks back to the trailhead.