Bus: Kalaloch Camping

Used public transportation to visit Kalaloch Campground.  My family and I had a three day weekend to go camping.  We had a tight budget to spend on travel expenses. The bus is a nice option to visit the Washington State's coast.  Total trip was $4.00 round trip per person.

 The bus took us from Port Angeles to Forks, and then we switched to a shuttle to Kalaloch.   This was straight forward and the Forks Station has bathrooms.  They give you about 15 minutes before the next bus leaves.

Once arriving at the Kalaloch Lodge, its a short walk on the hiking path back north to the Campground.   It was nice to stretch our legs after a bus ride.

We set up camp and prepared a meal using the coals from the campfire. This was all done as the sun went down through the trees.

campfire cooking


The next day we broke camp and headed back down to the Beach for the afternoon. Hours were spent beach coaming along the coast.   It was fun to test our balance on the slippery drift wood.

 One of the key-points of the afternoon, was coming along a beach fire that had been put out by covering with sand.  I took a stick and dug down about 10" down to find smoldering drift wood. After working with several pieces I found a live one. After spending a minute blowing on it to provide fresh oxygen. I ended up finding an amber glowing hot, used that piece to rebuild a nice Beach Campfire.  All while walking through each step of the process with my son watching.

beach fire


In the afternoon we were back at the bus stop near the Lodge to take us all home.

Over all it was a good trip. Weather the first day was warm, with overcast and light wind. Second day was warm, sunny and light wind. Couldn't ask for better on the Washington Coast; since it rains so much here. We probably walked around 2 miles total all weekend.  It was a lovely family adventure.

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Last Updated: April 2015