Good ol warm day

Weather was just to nice to say inside. Had a few hours to kill, so why not head out to Lake Crescent to do some scrambling on Storm King again. Cant beat the elevation climb and views.

Was around 70 degrees today. Got a little pink on my skin. I probably should of wore sun screen. The climbing route (third lookout) was very steep and lots of people skidding down on there feet made the route very slick. Got up to 4 points of contact scrambling up to the high peak was sketchy. Like every other hold, was very loose rock. Sent a few pieces crashing down through an avalanche shoot that i chose for my final descent route.

Overall it was a successful day. Spent around 4 hours up there dinking around. Not one person up at the top, but as soon as i headed down the trail. There was around 100 people down lower ;-/ Talked to a couple for a few minutes. The male was wearing VFF's, so thats always fun to talk about.