Sleeping with the Bears

Started off at the trip in scattered showers which made the first few miles nice ans slimy. Ended up seeing a few overnight backpacker and day hikers the first few miles. No wildlife until around the 7 mile mark. Lots of Elk using the trial as a game trail. Ended up seeing around 100 total in 24 hours in small herds. See the first 1 of 9 Black Bears around mile 9-10.

One of the most interesting story's of the trip is to open the Horse Gate that Guards the Entrance of the Valley. To look up and have a Black Bear starring you down from 15 yards away in the trail. That wakes you up better than coffee, I'll tell ya that much.

Walking into the Enchanted Valley is like walking into a whole other world that has been frozen in time by isolation. I spotted another Black Bear across the river and continued through the Meadow. Only to find 5 more grazing all around in the Campsite area. Defiantly was the first time for me to zip up my Sleeping Bag with Bears around. Especially sleeping in a Poncho Shelter.

Bear right outside Poncho Shelter:

Had a peaceful sleep and woke up at 0430 to watch the sun peak onto the Valley Walls. Only one Bear and no other animals to be found at that time. Spent the morning taking pictures down on the Gravel Bar. Was one of the most enjoyable Breakfast's in in my life to admire such beauty and power from the melting snow.

Overall it was a very successful trip. I got to see lots of wildlife, slept in my Poncho with 0 bugs, barely rained and i got to live in a postcard for a few hours.