Wandering Barefoot in the Park

For this adventure I'd be joining a few friends for a double hike.  First, we would explore the north olympic coast.  Second, we would hike into the Hoh Rainforest.  Both parts of the trip was done in the form of backpacking.

Our Norwegian Memorial beach campsite was quite cozy.  It was a perfect day for camping, with light wind.  We chose a nice spot to camp, with plenty of drift wood for fire.  The side was just in the trees, so we could be protected from the wind. I enjoyed spending time setting up my poncho shelter; where i later slept like a king on the ground.

beach camp


Woke up refreshed with the seals barking and the eagles chirping.  Just how i like it...

After regrouping in Forks, we headed up the Hoh Rain Forest Trail. The path is very used by hikers used and ton of backpackers out. On this walk, I decided to put a few miles completely Bare (see video below).  It was lovely feeling the mud between my toes and the healing earth under my feet.  I would suggest it to anyone looking for a pure experiance.

hoh hike

It rained hard through the night, but we managed to keep everything dry and had a nice fire.  Slept like a baby listening to the rain on the shelter.

 The next morning, after breakfast and coffee, the walk back to the trailhead was enjoyable and had good conversation with friends. Seen a few herds of Olympic Elk.  Another enjoyable hike in the Hoh Rainforest.