A Place Called Lunch Rock

We had a nice sunny day for our mid week training hike. Our destination would be Lunch Rock above Lake Angeles. This location gives you a better view of the surrounding area, than being at the lake. In spring snow sticks around through late spring on average. This day was no exception. There were several times we would post-hole up to our hip. Snowshoes would have been nice, but it really was not worth carrying the extra weight up from the trailhead. I would much rather suffer a bit. Once up in the rocks, the view is quite breathtaking. Even more so, after a long wet pacific northwest winter. For once the weather forecast was right. A hiker will take sun when they can get it, even if its walking on snow.

lake angeles

mount angeles

lake angeles

A hiker can walk to Lunch Rock year around, if you stick inside the treeline; to avoid avalanche danger. We observed multiple slides coming off the mountain from a safe distance. It was amazing to observe the power of moving snow. I will continue to use this path to enjoy the views.

- Barefoot Jake