Griff Peak Area Climb

Thought I would get some training time in on the trail and head up the Griff Peak Trail. Its a familiar trail that I've been up over a dozen times. Trail is 7 miles round trip, with just under 4000' ascent.

The lower part of the trail system is getting a lot more traffic than last time this year. I figured because Whiskey Bend Rd. is gated. People that arnt dedicated wont walk 5 miles of road to get to the Elwha Valley Trail system. I also figure that when they start tearing down the Dam to 'Restore the Elwha' that this trail will get triple the traffic. Since the 'first lookout' provides a good location to see the Dam getting tore down.

Above is a photo of the rock we summited for the day and had lunch. Overall the Trail was in good condition, small amount of mud and a few down trees. We also jogged all the way back down and made really good time. Next time i want to scramble all the way across and get picked up at Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.