Snow Camping Lake Angeles

We ventured up the Lake Angeles Trail to stay the night in the snow. Continuousness white stuff started around 2,000'. Post-holed a few times, as we hiked up into the mountains. That was rough going, since we were not wearing snowshoes. I estimated around 4 feet of compacted snow at the lake; 2 inches of which was fresh.

It would take some time to build a platform on the snow. Decided just to climb into a treewell, after searching for a perfect site selection. It ended up working out great, besides for being extra cold, but being in the hole helped with the wind.

The next morning was a real accomplishment. It felt good to get back on the trail to the lake, with hot food in my belly and hot morning tea (provided by my trail partner).

*thanks to my trail partner for shooting some of the pictures listed above