Beach Camping

A group of friends and I decided to take advantage of a three day weekend.  So we set off to the most northwest point of the United States; a place called Cape Alava on the Olympic Coast.  We had good weather, but it was a bit windy the first day.

backpacking washington coast

The next morning,  several Bald Eagles woke me up near camp; with the sounds of their chirping.  I love the coast during the spring months, the birds are really great.  Killed hours sitting on driftwood and just observing such varieties.

backpacking olympic peninsula

The evening was spent around the campfire to stay toasty warm.  We kept the fire hot, because of a steady wind of around 10 mph.  In the wind, heat will just leave a fire, if its not super hot.  Lots of driftwood was burnt this night.

north olympic coast

Video from trip:

The following day was spent eating breakfast, drinking coffee, warm fire and enjoy listing to the Eagles talk to each other. After breaking camp, the 3 mile walk back to the trailhead seemed to go by too quickly; since I really didnt want to leave the beach.