Birthday Backpacking Trip

All words out of my journal: Off I venture into the wild of 7 days and 6 nights. To conquer my biggest fear, my fear of being alone. Took me 6 hours walk time and I took 2 five minute breaks. It was really nice for a change to walk in a sunny 60 degrees. I paused at a few spots to take pictures. That is always my biggest trail hobby.

I've never thought to myself so much in my life. On the walk here I was thinking about a certain girl, work, Rylee. My spirits are high and I hope the weather holds for me tomorrow. I do have come prepared for rain. Time to build a fire...

Day 2:
A Bull Elk walk through my camp last night. I slept pretty good. Legs got a bit cold, but other that that....good. I saw about six Deer, 7 Elk and one running Mole.

I sure was tired today, my legs were really sore when i woke up. My body is not usto carrying all that weight.

Scared a Bull Elk out of Camp Wilder and set up shelter first thing since it is raining hard. I got a good spot though, out of the rain for now.

Day 3 not wrote in journal:
It rained so hard that night that even tho I sleep with earplugs, it kept me awake since 4am. I was also having some equipment issues that made me and my bag get soaking wet with condensation. So after laying there for hours trying to deciding what to do with the rest of my trip. (havnt seen a person in days, no current weather report, wet gear, weather was getting worse, no rangers at the two guard stations, alone) I came up with Plan A and B. Plan A: Hike the whole 26 miles out. Plan B: Stop half way out at Elkhorn where there is a Shelter and build fire to dry gear out. So off i went on a backtracking journey, but before i left. I had to deal with some man business. In the most private bathroom in the valley, in the POURING rain i might add.

I spooked up plenty of Elk on the way back, 3 Black Bear and handfuls of Deer. After reaching Elkhorn I felt confident that i could make it all the way out. I have plenty of long haling trail experience, but never with a full pack. If you know me, you know that i love a good challenge. To hear the peoples voices in my head that snicker that it cant be done, is what fuels me to keep moving forward. I also chalked it up to good Bailey Range Training (trip later in the year).

9 1/2 hours it took me to do the 26 mile valley with full Pack. In Vibram Five Fingers also, which i guarantee have never been done. I reached the Elwha Ranger Station very tired and ready for a hot meal.