Mountain Marathon

Decided to do a 'official marathon' and chose the Mountain Marathon in Olympia. It was a big plus to us because of only being hours away. Will say right away that we are very spoiled from running in the ONP which is true wilderness running. Would have never invested over $100 each if we knew the last minute coarse changes. Because of the recent lowland snow fall. The coarse got changed 24 hours in advance to an out n back then out n back :-( Which means that we would be covering the same ground 4 times Not my sort of a good time. They also changed it where 50% of the coarse would be on logging roads. Not blaming the event coordinators, because they cant control the weather. I will tho blame them for the lack of proper support and the conditions where no excuse. Saying that because of all the AID stations were at the bottom end of the coarse and once you got up into the deeper snow. There was very little aid and no one was really sure on the turn around spot. All they put on the ground was a swirly spray paint, which was soon trampled. Is it too much to ask to but a few people with packs on and carry supplies to the top end of the event? We are paying for AID and felt that they were just taking our money. Then sending us up into the logging roads.

The coarse was very,very,very slick. We personally seen prolly 20 spills and wipe outs. Lots of melting snow and water was on 90% of the coarse. So that made of very wet feet. There were 2 other dudes wearing VFF's doing the Half marathon. I was proud to see that. Even tho the dude wearing the KSO's was really fighting it in the snow. Since the original KSO has no mud tread on the bottom.

My lovely gf which was wearing the first Gen of NIKE Free was having some serious traction problems in the slush. 13.1 miles of sliding around was really getting to her mentally, since she is so competitive. All that sliding around also aggravated a foot injury. At the half way point i forced her to stop for her own safety of serious injury. To this day i still stand by that decision being the best option for her. Especially after I had to do the whole coarse again for a second half marathon pass. The sun really softened up the snow and slush turned into almost standing water in places. Stats: 26.3 miles and 4,136 feet ascent.

In conclusion what ive learned is that you should pick an organized event that isnt just starting off and has a good reputation. You prolly shouldnt run when you are coming off a serious head cold/coughing up stuff. Have proper footwear for your conditions and never give up.