Hot Springs ONP

Decided to go up an old park road to the Olympic Hot Springs to stretch the legs today. There was about 3 inches of Slush at the Trail Head and around 24 inches at the Hot Springs. Snow was really wet, so no need for Snowshoes. What better time to see how cold i can get my feet lol

Was good to get some fresh air and soak the feet before a zillion people arrived. Since the destination is a hot spot for city people that want to 'venture' into the outdoors. Was also nice to hike with an hold friend and share some trail time stories.

Funny story,
We were eating our lunch and a man came walking up the trail. He asked if one of us were wearing VFF's and how they did in the Snow. He must of seen my tracks coming in on the trail. Either that or bigfoot.

Over all it was a great hike. Got some sun our back, snow on our feet and some good trail chat.