Mountain Marathon Prep

Doing lots of rest and recovery this week. I will probably do 5 mile jogs on Monday and Wednesday. Then just recover for the Mountain Marathon which is in Olympia on Saturday morning.

The coarse should be interesting. 26.2 miles with an Elevation Profile of uncertainty, since the Event hasnt done the whole thing with any type of tracking device. I havnt been on these trail systems for a number of years. The trails are a make up of Dirt Sports/Horse System. I expect it to be lots of dirt and Rocks. The recent storm system that brought all sort of snow to the area should make it a Slush fest. Speed is going to be slow going and i wouldnt be surprised to see lots of people not show up. We are ready for it tho, since we have been training in the snow of months. I feel confident that we complete this without a hitch.