Winter: Hayes River Trail Run

  About a month ago I had a hair brain idea to do this multi-sport adventure. I thought of it while sitting on the toilet of all places. We would backpack in via headlamp after work for 14.5 miles. Set up base camp and then trail run the next day deep into the center of the Olympic National Park. The following day, we would hike our way out. Little did I know, what a cold and snowy adventure it would be.

  We hiked most of the night with our headlamps. Both of us have been awake since 4am the same morning, so we were pretty exhausted. The first few hours of the Elwha Trail was just cold and rainy. After a few hours, a cold front was slowly moved in, the rain transitioned to snow.

Temperatures the following morning was a little above 20 degrees. So needless to say, we didn't feel to motivated to get out of our sleeping bags. Reluctantly we finally arose out of bed. After some coffee and breakfast, we begin the days run further upriver.

Lows of 20f degrees

  Under our feet, the trail was completely frozen with ice and hard rock mud. When coming into a meadow, we would be in ankle deep fresh snow. In that snow, it was fun to see lots of different animal sign in the forest.

  I will have to say that my gf is a true bad ass and the most mental strong woman I know. When we hit the half way point to our run. One of the muscles in her arch began to cramp up giving her a painful lip, caused from a previous injury. She had to limp out of the Park for 24 miles. That is almost like limping a full marathon, with an injury. She did it all without barely complained the whole walk out. There was a few points that the pain was bringing her to tears.

Me Running in Snowy Elkhorn

Approaching Reiman's Cabin

Reflection Break 

  After barely sleeping through another 20 degree night. We arose to put some hot Starbucks VIA and Mountain House in our stomach. Sure helps take the chill out from a long night, I will tell you that much. Both my VFF KSO Treks and her Nike Frees were both frozen into a block of ice from the sever cold evening. We broke camp and then headed back to the car. I will tell you this, we were both so hungry. We ate about every 30 minutes all the way back.

  Overall it was a great trip. Its really fun to think of an adventure and actually bring those thoughts, into a reality.

Only our Tracks for Days

Trip Stats: 47.8 miles - 19 hours 50 min move time - 5,635 feet ascent