30 miles or bust

Started of parking down by the Elwha Ranger Station since the Whiskey Bend access road was closed because of water damage. The Trail Head is 5 miles of logging road to access it from the bottom where the gate was located. Snow in the high country dont leave many options when you want to get some trail time in. Say again, that road running is boring as hell and would rather logging road run if I had the option.

Reaching the trail head i was feeling pretty good about the whole thing, since on a Sunday normally the trail system would be full of day hikers. A soft rain fell for the first couple hours and the ground was plenty saturated, so perfect for barefoot. Also seen a few Deer hopping around earlier in the day.

Trail profile was 30 miles and 4,475 ascent, so i was pretty happy that got lots of uphill in as well. The Mount Hood 50, which we are training for is 5,630 feet in 50 miles.

Overall good run, had some basic tightness issues with my IT band again. It was nothing like before tho........Ive really been working on stretching. My GF had a Hamstring issue, which she limp/jogged for 10 miles out of the woods. Im super proud of her super strong will power.

Here is a video of the trip i put together and we both shot. Happy Trails - Jake