Reindeer Run 10k & Storm King Snowline

  I will start out by saying that I'm not a road runner.  In support of multiple clients i decided to enroll in a local 10k put on by the City of Port Angeles.  Armed with my Droid and Moto Roker S9 Bluetooth Headphones i headed off, since thats the only way i can get it done without losing my mind ;-)

  Once again i started my first mile at too fast of pace.  I need to remember that my first mile is my warm up mile.  Its just hard hanging back, when all i want to do is pass people like NACAR lol.  Wasnt till the second half that i was warmed up and in my "zone".   My average was 6.2 miles per hour and i think thats good for a Barefooter holding perfect form.   Took me about an hour to finish.  

  You know it never gets old having people stare at the feet and come up to ask questions.   It was good to have other clients in VFF too.   There is always power in numbers ;-)

  Right after finishing, one of my buddy's wanted to get some Vert training in on the legs.   So we ventured off to head toward the top of Storm King.   The trail averages about 1,000 feet a  mile grade.  Snow line hindered me reaching the end of the trail since steep slope and snow dont mix when Barefooting. I figured that an injury wasnt worth going to the end, since ive been there many times this year.