Lake Angeles Xmas Eve

  Wanted to get some trail miles in and didn't have much time.  So why not head up to Lake Angeles to find some snow, since its so close to town.  I was raining and a wind system was moving in, so the forest was really moving.

  Since i like the flexibility of the KSO's, thats the model i usually prefer of the VFF's.  You do sacrifice traction tho in mud and snow, since there is no tread on that model.  So going up the grade to the Lake when you have ice skates on your feet was a challenge.  On the way down was the fun part tho.  Skiing with my KSO's all the way bake. It was pretty fun

  Memory's of this trail was the high wind, falling branches and popping trees, being Calve deep in snow with my KSO's and obviously spending Xmas Eve on the trail with the one i LOVE.