Trail Run the Hoh

Winter trail running in the Hoh Rain Forest during the tourist off season.  When its cold and no hikers on the trail, is the perfect time to experience this run.

  The Hoh Trail is well used for hiking, backpacking and climbing.  It can be muddy at times in the summer months.  During winter,  the ground consisted of frozen mud, leaves, roots and some rounded rocks. If I had to chose between running in mud or ice, I would choose the latter

trail run hoh rainforest

There was still a lot of bear activity in the valley, even tho it was winter.  We seen lots of their prints in the fresh snow.  This made for a real unique wilderness experience.

running hoh trail

vibram fivefinger winter

Overall it was a good run.  I would do it again, but this time bring more food; at the end I was feeling pretty drained.  The nice warm bathroom near the trailhead was a true luxury at the end of the day.

Video from the trip:

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