Roots Rock Spooky 12k Trail Run

I was being spontaneous when i decided to sign up for a run. Since i have a strong distaste for road running and love the trails for backpacking , etc. This would be a perfect chance to push myself in an area that i have a weakness. 

Ive been barefooting off and on for the last 2 years. 8 months or so ago i decided to go full time barefoot, since i feel the differences in my body that going without shoes has done for me. I recently have backpacked across the Olympic National Park in my VFF KSO Treksports (58 miles) via Elwha and Skyline trails out.
Feeling a huge confidence boost from accomplishing so much this summer, ive decided to see how far i can push my body. 

Started off meeting some friends and clients at Safeway in PA at 0630 to car pool. My loving gf (which has never trail ran before meeting me) also accompanied us. the drive was nice and arrived at the race start around 0800. Just in time to beat the lines of people getting there race numbers and such.Started bunching up around the starting point and already the runners looked down at my feet.

 Last year at this time nobody knew what they were, but it seemed that they all knew what i was wearing. I figure because of the rapid growth in the barefoot publicity and by now just about everyone has seen a pair of VFF.

Ready.Set.GO. took off on a logging road for a few miles, it rolled up and down grades. I mainly focused on keeping my form perfect and holding a warm up pace. Around a mile into it i found the pace i wanted to stick at since i like to keep my heart around 175bpm when im doing trail running. I feel any higher i burn myself out.

The route was about 75% logging road and the rest muddy trail. i was disappointed here, because i enjoy a good single track trail.
Highlight of the run would be all the mud and a few down trees to jump over. A runner also ate it right behind me in one of the down grade trail sections. I glanced behind to make sure she was ok and she hoped right up.

My time was 1 hour and 20 minutes. Which was a good time considering that im just getting into the running thing. My main plan for this was not to walk and to finish. I accomplished both of those, so im proud