Enchanted Valley Trail Run 27 miles

 The whole point of this trip was to reach the Chalet 13.5 miles.  27 miles round trip following the East Fork of the Quinault River.  I wanted to test how my legs would hold up with such mileage , since 18.5 miles in one hike is the most i have achieved to date

 Started off at the Graves Creek Trail head at 0715 with Headlamps.  First few miles was an old section of logging road they abandon years ago.  45 minutes in we jumped a small heard of elk. I spotted the big Bull first, since it was right in the trail. When it moved to the right he pulled a few cows with him and headed up the hill.

The trail was pretty rocky and muddy from this point.  Ventured from river bed to river crossing.   Trail was predictable to me.  Flat river rock sandy bottom, then would roll up over the next finger.  Being a rain forest there defiantly a fair share of water.  My VFF KSO SportTrek did really good  in the mud,leaves,rock and inches of rainfall. My only complaint is the Achilles pad that they added is a huge shovel for pine needles and rocks.

Finally after 4 hours we reached are destination for a hot meal and some rest.  Posed for a few pictures and some much needed rest.  It felt good to reach the destination that ive been thinking about all week.  I had the Mountain House Chicken Tetzzerini and other snacks.

The way back , about half way through is where i hit the wall.  I really had to dig deep try to keep the pace back in order to get back before dark.  My mind for sure trying all the hardest to keep a good pace, but my legs were just starting to lock up.  It was the most weird feeling

It was one of the best feelings to reach the end of the trail and back at the car.  I will say my GF Chelsey tore it up so much, it made me look bad.   I swear she could of went another 10 miles and would of been doing a faster pace if we weren't holding her back.