14 mile Winter Ultra Training

  Last minute run plan, with only 1 hour preparation time.  We decided to go out and get a training run in.  The wind was light, but the temperature was around 35 degrees out.  A cool winter day with little patchy snow in the low country to ankle deep white stuff in the higher ground.

 Total run was round 14 miles and only a 1,200 feet elevation gain.  Now going down 1,200 feet of melting, slippery snow was the challenge.  It was like running on a down hill slip and slide.

  It was nice to focus on form and try out some new training supplements.  Never again tho am i going to do over a few hour trip without 3 days of nutrition preparation.  Also focusing on proper hydration

Overall the run was good.  I have two hot points on both of my feet and a tight left knee.  My gf and running partner has a bruised leg, cut on her ankle and sticker bush scratched legs.  So i came out pretty good ;-)

  Next weekend we have a 20 mile run into the Hoh Rain forest.   I'll keep you posted....