1 mile Polar Bear Barefoot Run

  So this week after a workout at the gym i had a bright idea to go for a run in the freshly covered snowy sidewalk on the loop around downtown.  It was around 23 degrees out and a snow storm has just left the area, so there was about 10 inches of snow still lingering.
  The first block wasn't bad, mainly focusing on my form and watching for objects that may cause pain to my feet.  Shortly after that my feet because increasingly numb and found that running across the Rock Salt was irritating my feet.
  Over half way through it mainly became mostly mental game after that.  I kept telling myself that if i cant make this little one mile run completely barefoot.  that there was no way that i would make a 50 mile run late in 2011.
  The last block i lost complete feeling to my feet and just wanted to get it over with.  I'm not gonna lie, I was telling myself that it was a bad idea making those last few steps back inside.
  Now here comes the painful stuff.  I had no idea how it felt to unthaw your feet until that day.  First phase was like my feet were on fire with ice and then getting smashed with a hammer at the same time.  Second it went into added sharp needle pain.  It felt like i was getting stabbed with a 10,000 needles all at the same time.  About a half hour into it, i was given the idea to microwave wet towels and wrap that around my feet.    That did help after about re heating 20 times i started to get the feeling that i was able to walk again.  Since before it was super painful just to put pressure  on them.

  What i learned is that no matter what dont give up till you reach your goal and that i probably will never run a mile in the snow with no protections.  Just because how painful the unthawing process was.