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Elwha Valley Marathon

  I don't think I could ever pass up a chance to venture into the Upper Elwha.  One of my old Clients is training for a big trail run race, so off we went.  I just spend then night in the same area a few weeks before.  Like most Wilderness, one trail is always changing.  Last time it was Freezing Temps and this time would be 6 inches of snow in sections.

elwha trail run

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 I suggested meeting at a local Coffee Shop and we were at the Trailhead 1 hour before Sunrise.  Traveling for the first 4 miles all by Headlamp.  It was a perfect morning for a Trail Run.  Hearing the river off in the distance in the dark is great motivation.

elwha trail running
Photo by Alecia 

  After 6 miles is when all the excitement began.  Spooking up over 12 head of Roosevelt Elk that were walking down single file in the Trail as we quickly approached.  That gets the Heart going having the whole woods explode with massive powerful body's moving through the Forest.  (sad to not have pictures of the Elk)

elwha trail run
Photo by Alecia

  From that point on we reached the area of the Elwha were Elk really start using the Trail as a highway.  I found especially when Snow starts to push them down from the High Country.

20 miles on the Hoh River Trail

 On the drive up seen 3 different big herds of elk right before sunrise.  Got to the trail head right after sun up, so that hopefully it would warm up.    It actually didn't rise above freezing until after around 10am.

  The Hoh Trail is obviously well used because of how wide it in most part is.  The ground consisted of frozen mud, leaves, roots and some rounded rocks.   Cant complain when you're running in a rainforest

trail run hoh rainforest

  I was surprised on the amount of high Black Bear traffic on the trails after we got about 5 miles in.  Counting at least 6 to 8 diffident sized bears using the trail system as a highway.

running hoh trail

vibram fivefinger winter

  My total calorie burn was around 4,500 , so i ended up eating at first every hour and then moved up to 45, then 30 minutes.  

Overall:  My KSO TREKSport are getting really beat up and torn from all the miles ive put on them (thats a good thing).  Need to stretch a lot more; running really takes its toll on your body.

Video of Run: