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Long Term Review: RailRiders Weatherpants

   Last winter I reached out to a few peers in the backpacking community.  They mentioned a clothing company that has a known reputation for holding up to multi month activities and quality craftsmanship.  This is the exact tool I needed to aid me during the 2013 hiking season.

  Tell you the truth, until several distance backpackers brought them to my attention.  I've never heard of RailRiders before 2 years ago.    Figured if they can hold up on a thru-hike; which is hell on clothing.  They should be just what I was looking for.  Time to put them to a test, in the punishing Olympic Backcountry.  

Railriders Weatherpants
RailRiders top and bottom on the summit of Mount Angeles, with the Bailey Range in the background. 

RailRiders Ambassador

  Pleased to announce to be the newest member to Team RailRiders.   They are known for quality and have a good reputation in the hiker community.  I am looking forward to testing future products for them.

Team Railriders
Screenshot of the Bio page