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Wandering South of La Push

  I had some free time to get Outdoors.  I will be doing a large section of the Olympic National Park Coast next month for my Birthday (read more below).  So I wanted to get a few little trips to condition my feet for Coastal Traveling, since its not my specialty.  There is a lot to deal with and isn't a 'Vacation' like every city human thinks.  There are a lot of variable, especially in the Winter.  You must deal with Tides, Rain Storms, Winds, High Surf Advisories, Coastal Flooding, More Mud and Higher River Fords.  All the while trying to plan a Route in all of that is kind of an extra life's pleasure.  The benefit is low Backpacker numbers and Bugs.  Which to me adds to more of a Primitive Wilderness Feel.

Strawberry Bay
Looking across to Scott's Bluff

  My adventure would lead me to Buspack, Buspack again, Backpack, Road Hike, Tribal Shuttle and Buspack.  Total travel expense $5.

Lake Ozette Trail Backpacking

  I was born to be Outside.  So when a friend wanted to plan an Adventure to the Coast and looked at the Weather Forecast.  I got really excited and day dreamed for days about a much needed relaxing time on the Beach.  I will admit I don't much like the Coast in the Summer for the high numbers of Backpackers.  I also have never stayed 2 nights in one Camp since the 90's.  The chance to play in a Photographers Playground I for sure couldn't pass up the chance.  Seems like every square inch there is some form of Life happening.