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Hiking Mount Storm King Trail, Lake Crescent

  For the next few months when I have free time during the week.  I will be Busing out to Lake Crescent and doing some quick elevation Training on Mount Storm King's Switchbacks.  Some people chose to be stuck inside a Gym watching paint dry on the Wall or perhaps stare at a TV.  That personally isnt for me.
  I will be continually updating this same Blog Page with different Photography of each adventure.  Please come back and enjoy.

2/14/12 -  I felt great this whole day.  We waited 45 minutes for the Heavy Rains to stop and trusted the weather report for a weather window.  Once we ascended to higher elevations the rains turned into Snowflakes.  It was very enjoyable.
  Once back down at the Lake.  I wondered around to watch the Sunset on the Lakes edge.  It was very inspiring day.

hike storm king
Along a Ridge Line in Snowflakes

Backpacking Alone

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After Walking or Biking the Whiskey Bend Rd. several times in 2011 and a time the Park completely had access closed.  I was excited to hear that the Park had opened the Road for vehicle traffic once again.  Once I got the news I hurried to the Boat and collected my gear  in 20 minutes.  So that I wouldn't miss my lift to the Trail head with my Bike.  I was on a mission to be the only one staying the night in the whole Valley and I got my wish.  Complete Isolation.

whiskey bend trailhead parking
Whiskey Bend Trailhead 

   I opted to go light as I could for Winter Conditions and only bring Minimal Gear.  Since it was forecasted to be in the 20's that night.   Food and Water was also kept super Minimal for the sake of Fast Trail Traveling.  I would pump water straight from Mouth to Filter to shave weight as well.

 I had 12 miles to reach my destination for the night and 2 hours of Daylight left in the Woods.  I wanted to make the best out of what light I had left, so I started at a pretty good pace.  After a few miles I felt warm enough to begin my Light Trail Running Pace.

lillian river
Lillian River

  I went as far as I could without Headlamp and feel the Trail under my feet, rather than with my eyes.  After wearing Minimal Footwear for 4 Years now.  I feel my senses have tripled when you can actually feel the ground every step.  Kinda like someone that is Blind uses other senses to function with everyday activity's.

Hiking Hoh Rain Forest and Rialto Beach

   I had a friend visiting from out of town that loves the Outdoors.  What better way to show off the area than to go into the Hoh Rainforest in the middle of the wet Winter.  It never stopped raining the few hours we were in there cycling from Heavy Rain to Heavy Hail Storms.  Seeing the Rainforest floor completely saturated with water was quite impressive.

hoh rain forest
Hoh Maple

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  The Hoh River Trail leads to Mt. Olympus and follows the river valley pretty much the whole journey.  Endless massive trees, Greenest Moss, Mud, flowing Water and is one of my favorites to Barefoot.  The trail is mostly made up of soft mud, pine needles and roots.

hoh rain gear
Slimy Trail

  My weapon of choice for the day was Vibram Five Finger KSO, since that is the best model made.