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Birthday with the Mount Angeles

  The day comes every year.  Your birthday is something that gets less significant as each one passes in your life.  I try not to focus on how to make one day good, but to make each day awesome.  If one goes by that didn't get spent outdoors.  I feel like that time was wasted.  My goal for the next 365 is to spend as many nights sleeping outside as possible.

A special place.

Training in the Olympic Mountains

    Have roughly 7 weeks before I leave into the Olympic National Park for the summer into autumn.  This time remaining is dedicated to cycling, hiking, trail running and some backpacking.  Doing this will insure that my body is ready for multi-month trip this year.  The route I have planned will have a high physical demand.  Plan to touch base on my path, prep, gear and resupply points on a future blog post.  Until then; I will share some photographs from this week in training.

  My birthday is this Saturday.  They say that 33 is the best year of your life.  I hope to do something outdoors to kick it off right.  (conditions pending)

above the elwha
  Views of the northern Bailey Range.  Mt. Fitzhenry, Fairchild and Carrie (left). Cat Peak (where im looking). Mount Appleton (right).

Wilderness is my Gym

  I had the best year of my life to date.  After a 3 week rest and recovery.  It is now time for me to start training for the 2013 season.  Plan on being in the best shape and go on the biggest journey of my life next year.

  Like most Backpackers know; there is no training substitute for actual trail time.  No in indoor cardio equipment can stimulate the same muscles used than actually walking outdoors.

  I have multiple carido trips planned weekly;  if it would be walking, Running or Cycling.  Starting out will be more shorter mileage trips; bumping up the distance as we get closer to spring.

lake angeles trail
Friends and I heading up trail into the snow.

Half way up Klahhane Ridge

Was a nice sunny day for a mid week training hike. Since we fell short of our goal the day before. We had our minds set on getting a good view. So we headed up again, this time another route. Using the same line above the lake that me and Jeremy cut 2 Sundays before. Snow was a lot better this time, so post holing was to a minimum. The 600' climbing out the lake was still taxing on the legs. Even tho a basic line was already cut. Kinda like doing up hill Lunges for a quarter mile. Nice.

The route is located about 200 yards before the lake. You will come into a little meadow with three dead snags on the right. You will see foot prints heading West and it zig gags up to a rock i nicknamed 'Lunch Rock'.