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Heather Park Trail in Spring

Out doing some training; since only have 6 weeks before put a pack on my back for the summer.  Couldn't ask for better weather.  Blue skies, no wind, no bugs and spring corn snow.  Some postholing for a few miles, but the views made it all worth it.  Here is a few photos of the day.

Above Sequim
Dayna ascending up this chute. 

Hiking Hurricane Hill in Witner

  My Gossamer Gear Gorilla was all packed up with what was needed for a few days on the South Olympic Coast.  With 20 minutes left before I would leave the farm and catch the outgoing bus; I received an email invite for a different type of adventure.

  The correspondence was received from an old friend of mine that in my eyes is an Olympic legend.  He had a recent surgery and was looking for some trail time up at Hurricane Ridge.

  Our day would lead us on a 6 mile snow traverse.  Doing this without the need of snowshoes, because of solid snow pack.  The route lead us to the top of Hurricane Hill with views of the Bailey Range, Mt. Angeles and Mt. Baker.  This route also lead us on top of the Pacific Northwest Trail.

Hurricane Ridge Hiker
Headed out - views of the Bailey Range - wearing the new VFF EL-X and Gossamer Gear Minimalist. 

Elwha to Hurricane Hill Trial

  In part of the Wilderness is my Gym trail series; gathered some friends together for some leg training.  The group asked me to suggest a route for the afternoon.

  I suggested that we start our trail run from the Elwha Ranger Station that sits 400' on the valley floor.  Then we venture up to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  This route has the high point of 5,650' with  views of the Bailey Range and Port Angeles.

  There is currently no fresh snow in the Olympic National Park.  We have the back to back warm fronts pushing thru this area to thank for that.

  The window of autumn is rapidly closing in the Pacific Northwest; as winter tightens its hold on the mountains.  I was anxious to get into the alpine to get the views.

  Other parties involved excitingly agreed to my suggestion, but none of them had ever climbed that much trail ascent.  We were all in store for a real treat on the legs.

Olympic footwear
Trail Footwear - VFF Treksport and Luna Sandals Leadville Pacer

2011 - The Year of the Barefoot

Edit:  After a New Years Eve Trail Run it brought my mileage up to 671.  

  Video/Slideshow of various trips I did this year in the Olympic National Park.  I was blessed to travel past my goal of 600 Trail Miles with 671 miles all in the Park.  All my miles are done with Vibram Five Fingers or Bare.  Since a lot of miles were on sharp rock, rubber was used to protect my feet most of the time.

  I want to say how blessed I feel to be living my dream on getting into the Park so much.  The connection that you experience while traveling when you can feel every rock, root, water, snow, cold and Hot is in-explainable.  I would classify it as a Spiritual Experience.
  I would also like to say a big Thank You to all the various Trail Partners I had this year.  I also got to meet a lot of new people while Hitch Hiking and on the Trail.  I am Stoked to get out for some Epic Adventuring in 2012 with you all.
  With the New Year look for a Summit of Mt. Olympus, lots of Trips into the Bailey Range, the Wonderland Trail and lots of other various Trips.

Disclaimer:  Train your feet for several Months/Years before attempting anything seen on this Site.  For tips on how to Train or Stretch your feet properly.  Feel free to email me

Snowshoe Hurricane Hill Road - Olympic

  I was itching to try another Snowshoe Binding.  Since earlier this week I had issue with my toes getting crammed into a plastic type binding.  I'm on the hunt to find a comfortable fit for my foot so that I can do greater distances this winter.  So I thought I would try out more of a rubber strap binding.

minimal footwear snowshoe

  A few days ago I noticed a small group getting together and going back up to Hurricane Ridge.  I was jumping at the chance to get back outdoors and try these Snowshoes.  The weather was forecasted to be warm for a December day and Sunny.  My body was in desperate need for some Sun.

hurricane ridge group snowshoe

  Route consisted of a road that is open in the Summer and closed in the Winter when the snow begins to fall.  Once you reach the summer time parking lot.  You mostly follow the ridge all the way over to Hurricane Hill where there is views deeper into the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

snowshoe hurricane hill

snowshoe hurricane hill

  Along the route there was old dead trees sticking out of the snow, which was my favorite part of the day.  I also enjoyed looking down the Elwha Valley and into the Bailey Range again.  Its like a kid when he sees a playground.  The first thing he thinks about is going to play.

snowshoe hurricane hill

Overview/Disclaimer:  The rubber type bindings were a lot more comfortably, but still not a cozy as i would like.  Im going to try one more model.  If that dont work, I just may have to make my own.  Again, walking on snow for hours shouldnt be attempted in Vibram Five Fingers until you have built a tolerance up with your feet.  Keeping your core temperature up is key.