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Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula: Gear List

  This is my suggested list of gear used for hiking around the Olympic Peninsula. Variations to adventure can be cycling, hiking, fishing, mushrooming or photography.  There are a lot of variables to building the your perfect list; including season, weather forecast and/or trip goals.  Consider starting with a base list and then customize it to your needs. 

Olympic Gear list

Ten Essentials & Suggestions

  • Sun and rain protection  -  Umbrella

  • First-aid  -  Kit

  • Extra Food  - Candy bars, ect.

  • Hydration  - Filter attached to large recycled water bottle

Need something to put it all in? This is the pack I use.

Did I miss something?  Have a question about this list?  Leave questions or comments below. 

Quinault Loop Trail by Bus

  My son is on spring break this week from school.  I was hoping to go on a 4 day backpacking trip during this time period.  The weather forecast did not agree with this plan.  There was one really good day in this window for some hiking to be had.

  So we loaded up some water, sandwiches, snacks and hiker umbrellas in our pack.  Then climbed aboard the local bus system; which dropped us off right at the trialhead.  This whole adventure cost us $4 round trip in travel expenses.

  Exploring the local Quinault trail systems is a perfect way to spend any spring day.  Found more spring flowers than we could even count.  Most of which were Trillium's; which were in full bloom.  The sounds of birds echoing through he forest was also a highlight.  Even got 'buzzed' by a few humming birds.

  Finished the day with a picnic lunch on the Lake Quinault waterfront in the sun.  Then we loaded back on the late afternoon bus to take us home.   Looking at the Doppler once back into the safety of our domestic shelter, heavy rain system moved back into the area.  We timed our adventure perfectly!

Trillium in the Quinault Rainforest

30+ Days in the Olympic National Park

 Update - Adventure complete

 In need to free myself from Modern Conveniences such as Internet, Electricity and Ect.  To get away from breathing Auto Exhaust almost every direction I turn.   My time in an Urban Environment is mostly dodging Crazy Texting Drivers or Drug Addicts asking me for Money.  Its enough to drive anyone nuts.

  So 6 months ago I decided to spend most of my Summer in the Wilderness.  Biggest chunk of that I am going to be doing an over 300 mile mostly 'Off Trail Traverse of the Olympic National Park'.  I am very excited about this Trip.  Training my Body and Planning for the last few Months.

Mt. Olympus - Photo by my Hiking Buddy - Nivaun - This image was taken on his Bailey Range Traverse and I suggest you read his Trip Story.   He is also planning on join me for this Adventure.