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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter - Long Term Review

  Aside from walking, hydrating is the second most consuming task while backpacking.

  In the past I would dread taking off my pack and hand pumping water through a traditional form of treatment.

  Then trying treatment drops was more efficient, but one still had to wait 15 minutes for the water to treat. If I wanted to put in trail miles, I would have to carry water in my pack in order to keep moving.

  When I was asked to test this product it got me excited. At first I was skeptical, but with use, I started to fall in love.

  After a few trips in the wilderness this spring, I decided it would be my primary water treatment system for '30+ Days in the Olympic National Park' trail series.

  Not once did it let me down and was able to field back-flush without carrying the manufactures syringe, which I chose not to carry because it served no other purpose.

Note:  This is for the first generation filter.  

Sawyer Squeeze
My first trip with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter System - shortly after I started having trouble with leaking bags