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30+ Days in the Olympic National Park

 Update - Adventure complete

 In need to free myself from Modern Conveniences such as Internet, Electricity and Ect.  To get away from breathing Auto Exhaust almost every direction I turn.   My time in an Urban Environment is mostly dodging Crazy Texting Drivers or Drug Addicts asking me for Money.  Its enough to drive anyone nuts.

  So 6 months ago I decided to spend most of my Summer in the Wilderness.  Biggest chunk of that I am going to be doing an over 300 mile mostly 'Off Trail Traverse of the Olympic National Park'.  I am very excited about this Trip.  Training my Body and Planning for the last few Months.

Mt. Olympus - Photo by my Hiking Buddy - Nivaun - This image was taken on his Bailey Range Traverse and I suggest you read his Trip Story.   He is also planning on join me for this Adventure.

Train for Backpacking Trip

  I have a bunch of Backpacking Trips coming up in the 2012 Summer Season.  One of them I will be doing an over 200 mile Traverse of the Olympic National Park.  Most of that Route will be off Trail.  It is scheduled to take me 4 - 5 weeks, with no Rest Days.  My net Pack weight should be just under 25lbs with Bear Can (required in the ONP Subalpine).  I will be Mailing myself one resupply in the remote town of Amanda Park.

  I get asked all the time, 'What type of Training I am doing for such an Adventure?'

  Well I would say that doing your typical 'Gym Routine' would be a huge mistake.  There is no better way to Train for something than just getting some Miles on your Legs.  No Treadmill, Weight Routine, Stepmaster or Indoor Cardio Routine can substitute the Great Outdoors.

  It's not 'Training', the Outdoors is a 'Lifestyle'!

winter cycling

Sol Duc Hike, Bike & Bus Training

  I'm so spoiled to get to Train in such a perfect environment.  While others in the City are in a constant stare at the wall; walking on the Treadmill.  I'm blessed to get to Train in the Olympic National Park/Forest.  Most of my thoughts and inspirations come to mind while spending time alone in the Great Outdoors.

  I am in the need to get my 'Biker Legs', since I plan on using mine for 'Trailhead Service' in some up coming Adventures.  After a 20 mile Trail Day; I would like to be able to bike out for another 20 miles.  Doing this without it killing me is the Goal.

  All of this is part of my Training for 30+ Days in the Olympics and 2013 Pacific Crest Trail Adventures.  Where I will be walking for distance every single day.

  To add to the bliss; the whole adventure cost me $3 + Food.

Elevation Training:
  Quick afternoon Hike with 4 miles of Switchbacks.  It rained the whole time, so there weren't any views this day.  The trail lead to an old Fire Watch Tower over the Sol Duc River.

Kloshe Nanitch Lookout
Kloshe Nanitch Lookout

Trekking Poles: Crutches for the Modern Man

 'All things in this site are only my personal opinions.  I suggest things that primarily work for me and my clients on various surfaces.  I am however not a Doctor, so please...No Lawsuits' ;-)

  It is my belief that these devices are leading the Modern Human into a higher risk of injury.  Using these devices as crutches cause Humans to have poor posture and a lower cadence.  Which intern leads to overstriding; this puts the body in an unnatural allignment.

 In order to address this issue futher.  We need to look back into why Man created this device.

  Through the generations in the Outdoor World; we have addapted this habit of carrying more stuff.  A lot
also has to be taken in account that earlier materials just wernt very light; plain and simple.   There is also the fact of the novelty of big chain stores.  Walking into these places just make you want to buy Gear.  That is the way they were designed.  I am personally guilty of this.

Is all this 'stuff' necessary to enjoy and survive in the Outdoors?

random gear store
Gear Shop (I do not own this image)