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Sol Duc Divide in Autumn - 30+ Days in the Olympic National Park Section 6

Start at the beginning of story?

  Several months ago while snow and rain were still falling in the lowlands of western Washington, I received an email in my inbox from Grant from Gossamer Gear.

  He expressed that he would be in the area for a hiker conference and was wishing to check the Olympic National Park off of his bucket list.

  In a return email I let him know that I would be finishing up my trail series '30+ Days in the ONP' around that same time.

  This would be a  perfect way to finish this trail series.  Since Gossamer Gear has supported me so much in my adventures this year,  I was honored that he asked and of course, I agreed.

Gossamer Gear backpacking
Just crossed over Spread Eagle Pass which is a section of the Bailey Range Traverse - Grant showing off his custom Black on Black 2012 Gorilla 

North Bailey Range Traverse: 30+ Days in the ONP Section 1.a

Note:  This is first of August, during a heavy snow year.  We did not follow the route in the Olympic Mountain Climbers Guide to the letter.  My partner had comfort level issues on the steep snow fields about Mud Lake and the Col on the W. slope of Mount Appleton.  We ended up traversing around these, on a not so fun route following elk trails.

 An idea came to mind while sitting in a winter storm aboard my old Sailboat residence.  Why not set up a summer long route with a 'Thru-Hike' feel in the Olympic National Park?

  So as the storm raged on for the next 48 hours; a route itinerary was established within my physical limitations.  

  Doing most of the routes in 2011 solo I have come to learn my physically and mental limitations.  Knowing that something like this would push both of them to the edge; a self wrote training program went into immediate effect.  

Mount Appleton
Snow covered Mud Lake cuddled into Mount Appleton