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Sawyer Mini First Impressions while Scouting

  We have been getting hit with back to back rain storms here in the PNW.  The impending gloom of an incoming storm forecasting the drop of the snow level, well as 6" of rain in the Olympic interior.  I was in need to getting into the alpine while it was possible; without getting hammered by winter like conditions.  This would be a scouting adventure, to see how much snow was left by the last cold front.

  I still plan on getting one more trip into the interior of the Park, before the high country season comes to an end, to observe the Olympic Elk while they are under rut.  This next storm will seal the fate of that plan.  I have Plan A, B and C routes in mind, but would like to do the first one; since it increases my chances on the numbers of animals I see.

view from hurricane Ridge
Ruth Peak of the Bailey Range, protects Mount Olympus; which holds a fresh dusting of snow. 

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter - Long Term Review

  Aside from walking, hydrating is the second most consuming task while backpacking.

  In the past I would dread taking off my pack and hand pumping water through a traditional form of treatment.

  Then trying treatment drops was more efficient, but one still had to wait 15 minutes for the water to treat. If I wanted to put in trail miles, I would have to carry water in my pack in order to keep moving.

  When I was asked to test this product it got me excited. At first I was skeptical, but with use, I started to fall in love.

  After a few trips in the wilderness this spring, I decided it would be my primary water treatment system for '30+ Days in the Olympic National Park' trail series.

  Not once did it let me down and was able to field back-flush without carrying the manufactures syringe, which I chose not to carry because it served no other purpose.

Note:  This is for the first generation filter.  

Sawyer Squeeze
My first trip with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter System - shortly after I started having trouble with leaking bags