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Luna Leadville Backpacking Review

  During my trail series '30+ Days in the Olympic National Park' I upgraded my footwear. I started the adventure with a wilderness modified version of the now discontinued ATS Sandals.  Even tho they were fully broke in and comfortable as hell.  My foot tended to slide around on the well used footbed; so an upgrade was needed.

  The Luna Craft Monkeys that handed me this product, personally assured me that the upgrade well worth it.  Monkey Grip Technology (MGT) would be used on-top the Leadville sole that I already loved.

  They made this change to help with the annoying sliding around of the foot issue when ascending or descending on the trail.  Traditional Huarache designs have trouble holding your foot to the surface on the sandals when fully saturated with water or mud.  This problem may be annoying to some; such as myself.

  My upgrade would also include the newest version of the ATS Lacing System.  Luna is always making small tweaks to their designs based on customer feedback.  That is what I love about most Cottage Manufactures.

  I put on around 200 backpacking trail miles on various terrains wearing this product.  Including rocky trials, mud, scree and even snow.

luna sandals in mud
During a rain storm; this sloppy trail will put the MGT Footbed to the test.