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Backpacking Elwha Trail & Gear Test


  • Elwha Bike & Walk Upriver
  • 'My First Impressions' - Trail Designs Caldera Ti-Tri 3 Fuel Cook System 
  • Elwha Walk Upriver (cont.)
  • 'My First Impressions' - Sawyer Squeeze Filter 
  • Elwha Walk Upriver (cont.)
  • 'My First Impressions' - DIY Tyvek Rain Gear System
  • Elwha Walk Downriver (cont.)
  • 'My First Impressions' - Luna Sandals Original Sole Naked Top w/ New ATS Laces
  • Elwha Walk Downriver (end)


Solo Elwha Walk:
  I was in serious need to clear the mind and get some more Training on my Legs.  In my opinion there is no better Training Grounds than the Elwha Valley.   This would also give me a perfect opportunity to Trail Test some Tools that I would be bringing with me on my 30+ Days in the Olympic National Park trip in just over a Month from now.  Training has been going on now for the last 8 Months with the main goal of being 'In the Best Shape of my Life'.

  The last handful of Trips that I've done really haven't pushed my body to its limits.  Being a Trail Runner at Heart; I deeply love self punishment.  Something about that feeling of when you think, 'Can't take another step'.  As you fight with Mental Negativity and flip it around to push through the Fatigue.  Its a very addictive feeling to some.

  The style of Trekking I usually prefer is Wake Up, Walk Slow all Day, Set Up, Eat, Sleep and Repeat.  Typical Camping has its place, but tends not to push me in the same way as a good stretch on the 'Ol' Legs'. This Trip would give me that and even plenty of little surprises.  Those little things are really what makes the memories last a lifetime.

  This has been the 5th trip up the Elwha Valley this year already.  I do not enjoy the first 9 miles of this trail one bit; however the Upper Elwha will always draw me back.  With the plan of taking my kids there and their kids-kids.

  The Upper Elwha is a very Spiritual place for me.  It is hard to put into words the feels that go through your brain while you are in this part of the forest.  I read that it once was a meeting place for the Native American Tribes of the area so that they could do Trade; no matter what their quarrel was.  That they always met here in Peace.  Right there says enough.

  It is also my belief that every young person should Trek the last 15 miles of the Valley alone.  The Forest talks to you and the Primal feel it gives you; very much grounds your mind.  No ego is big enough to engulf  this feeling.  Perhaps the Native Americans once sent their young into this area to become Men?

elwha trail
Upper Elwha Wilderness