Services around the Olympic Peninsula

  • Olympic Peninsula Planning Online Consultation via webcam
  • Fitness/Conditioning Camps
  • Natural Walking/Running Coaching
  • Minimalist Backpacking Workshops
  • Online Stride/Posture Coaching

Forms of Coaching:
  • Workshops
  • Small Groups 
  • Email
  • Video Chat

  Let me get you in shape for the upcoming hiking season.  Your body is the number one piece of gear you need to see these remote places.  Focusing on posture, core and full body conditioning.

Rate Packages:

  • Weekend
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

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Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor; however I can tell you what works for my clients and myself.  Making the choice to rehab your muscles back to their natural state is a serious decision.  One must also become self-aware to how the body is currently moving (Stride, Posture and ect.) at all times and know how to correct these issues in real time.  This skill is crucial when barefoot or wearing minimal footwear.  Learn your body!