Wilderness is my Gym | Barefoot Jake: Hike Olympic Mountains

Wilderness is my Gym

  I had the best year of my life to date.  After a 3 week rest and recovery.  It is now time for me to start training for the 2013 season.  Plan on being in the best shape and go on the biggest journey of my life next year.

  Like most Backpackers know; there is no training substitute for actual trail time.  No in indoor cardio equipment can stimulate the same muscles used than actually walking outdoors.

  I have multiple carido trips planned weekly;  if it would be walking, Running or Cycling.  Starting out will be more shorter mileage trips; bumping up the distance as we get closer to spring.

lake angeles trail
Friends and I heading up trail into the snow.

  Long time friends invited me to join them on a trail adventure for the day.  To be honest with you; almost didn't go.  Been trying to rest my body and after lots of miles this year.  It's tough to get into the swing of things again.

  Glad they could 'peer pressure'  me to getting off my butt.  Main motivation was to hike with them; after not for so long.  Secondly was to see snow flakes falling in the forest.

  Such a crazy feeling to hike through the seasons.  From snow falling earlier this year in the Elwha, then spring melt off, early summer wildflowers, late autumn colors and then now snow falling again.

  The cold air entering my lungs was also a surprise.  Seeing your breathe and the smell of winter.  All was quit refreshing.

lake angeles
Lake Angeles under a fresh dusting of snow as little flakes fall.

lake angeles trail
Taking pictures and having snacks.  Friend in her VFF's

lake angeles trail
Newly Reviewed - Luna Sandals Leadville Pacer w/ MGT and ATS Laces | They performed superbly on the fresh snow and 'cat like' grip on the wet trail run on the way down.  
autumn on snow

Disclaimer/Comments:  One should train their feet for some time for this type of trail conditions.  
  Biking, Hiking or Backpacking in Minimalist Footwear takes strong feet.  Since as we aged wearing shoes have lots most of our natural foot muscle. Give you body time to adjust to this type of Footwear before attempting anything you see on this Site.