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Trail Food: Pop-Tarts and Almond Butter

  I have had requests to talk about some of my trail creations.  During my '30+ Days in the Olympic National Park' I came up with some tasty treats. 

  Try not to focus to heavily on what is actually good for you, but more about 'calories in calories out'.  I was also on a tight budget and 'Organic' products are way over priced in my book.  Keeping in mind they may or may not be better for you.
  So I personally focus on what is best based on Calories, Cost and Weight.  Most of my creations have came from just randomly combining thing I had lying around.

  Learned this in Army Infantry Basic Training.  'Privates' would randomly combine items available in an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat).  This comes in handy when trying to break the monotony of eating the same thing everyday.

trail food
Pop-Tarts and Justin's Almond Butter

Pop-Tarts and Justin's Maple Almond Butter
  For 2 years I have been using the packet version of this product for Trail Running.  Provides me sugar and fat at the same time.  Compact and fairly simple to consume year around on the move.

Tip: In the winter months; just hold inside your gloves for a few minutes to soften up contents.

  I only purchased a select few packets; because of cost.  Always brought me excitement when it was time to enjoy during my Summer.

  After a few weeks on the trail I decided to start adding it on top of my Pop-Tarts to break the monotony.   During strenuous days; I would consume up to 2-3 servings.

almond butter pop-tarts

             Just spread and enjoy

  It's easy and quick.  Open both of the packaging and enjoy however you like.  No cooking and only wrappers left for cleanup. 

Both of these items combined equal: 600 cal - 22g fat - 84g carbs - 10g protein with the weight of just under 5oz per meal.

Sailor Crackers, Justin's Almond Butter and Reese's Pieces
   During my 'Returning to the Baileys' section.  My friend Steve and I had some time to kill after our day hike.  Being that we were going to head back to the trailhead the following day.  Wanted to consume any extra food to lighten our pack weights.

  He just happen to have extra Sailor Crackers inside the Bear Can.   Being creative I came up with this treat.  At the time it was just as tasty as any handmade bakery item.

  Easy to put together as well.  Just layer your Sailor Cracker, Justin's Almond Butter and even put on some Reese's Pieces for decor.  Very tasty.

Sailor cracker almond butter

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Share your concoctions
  Do you have any high calorie trail snacks or non- cook meals worth trying?  Please feel free to post your recipes below in the comments.  I would love to try your creation out. 

Disclaimer:  All food consumed was purchased with own money or given to me as a gift.